Support a disabled young person into independence

Your gift of £500 will fund a Connect 2 programme which allows a disabled young person to experience an additional level of independence through a volunteer mentor.

We support the development of young people with learning needs, special educational needs, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) enabling their independence, confidence, and social skills. We have introduced a new befriending scheme that pairs disabled young people in Southwark with a trained worker who takes them out in the local community.

Your gift of £500 will fund a disabled young person to be more confident outside of the home away from the parents, travel on local transport and manage their own money. With your help, we can take the pressure off parents and carers by enabling their child to live independently.

“John has Asperger’s syndrome and when he joined salmon four years ago, he hated the social environment and doing new activities. He was not an independent traveller and preferred to stay at home. After joining our weekly disability club, he made new friends and took part in regular day trips, residentials and holiday scheme. Through our Connect 2 befriending scheme, we now have a volunteer mentor who meets John every two weeks and takes him out on social activity to help him learn independence skills along the way. John has enjoyed preparing for a bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition and got especially excited when he found out that he can use a map to independently navigate himself around an area and also cook his own dinner on a camp stove. John has now been accepted for an Arts degree at University.”

Please donate to help disabled young people like John gain their confidence and independence.

(*Name has been changed to protect the young person’s privacy)

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