Good governance, music and adventure – Adrian’s thoughts on being a Trustee


Adrian Greenwood is currently the Chair of Trustees at Salmon. Here he shares what he loves most about Salmon - from the 'C.U.M' days to today...

Salmon Youth Centre, formerly Cambridge University Mission (C.U.M), has been serving the young people of Bermondsey and Southwark, for over 100 years, especially those facing multiple disadvantages.

Over those years, this service has taken many different forms, but one constant ingredient throughout has been the forming by staff and volunteers of long term relationships with the young people, which have proved to be transformational.

In my own case, I still benefit from the strong friendships forged with club members, staff and fellow residents when I was a Volunteer Resident in the 1970s. Many of these friendships were renewed when we recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Mike Whinney leading a group of “C.U.M’ers” to form the nucleus of a new congregation at St James Church in 1967, bringing new life – ‘resurrection’ – to that situation.

I really enjoyed the performances of our young people at the Anniversary Concert on the Saturday, alongside that of the professional gospel group, A-Flame. On the Sunday, it was great to be reminded of the leading contribution played by Mike Whinney and the young people from C.U.M in re-launching a new congregation at St James Bermondsey and re-opening the building.

One of my fondest memories of the C.U.M days was helping to organise four week-long concerts called ‘Old Time Music Halls’. These were very special occasions for the young people, staff and resident volunteers.

Today, I really like the vibrancy of Salmon Youth Centre, especially the adventure activities, which include trampolining, ropes and climbing. I love being a Salmon Trustee – good governance is really important to the success of any organisation and I believe I help to contribute to that.

Salmon Youth Centre is a fantastic provision for the young people of Bermondsey and Southwark – long may it continue to thrive and grow!

Adrian Greenwood

Adrian Greenwood

Trustee (Chair)
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