Fund an Apprentice for 1 Year

Your gift of £3,000 will fund an at risk young person through a one-year Youth Work Apprenticeship at Salmon and help them gain their Youth Work Level 3 certification.

The current labour market crisis will disproportionately affect young people chances to secure employment at a minimum for the next three years. Those looking for a job fresh from the university will struggle as graduate opportunities have decreased by 60% since April, and lower-skilled workers are expected to take a 13% pay reduction to their hourly pay as a result of coronavirus pandemic. With youth employment on the rise, our priority is to level out they are playing field for disadvantaged young people.

Our apprenticeship programme has exceptional results in upskilling young people who have not yet reached their full potential. We work with young people who have become disengaged from society to help them to overcome multiple challenges and to succeed in work. Many of the young people we have worked with over the years have gone on to become key workers or experts in adult and children services.

With your gift of £3000 you will help a young person gain qualification in Youth Work and build work experience.

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