15-year-old Adam’s two weeks work experience at Salmon


Adam spent his last two weeks working at Salmon as part of his work experience and he got involved in many activities such as planning and leading sessions as well as helping form Salmon's brand new basketball team! Have a read of his account below.

My name is Adam Lehat and during my two weeks of work experience at the Salmon Youth Centre, I have managed to learn many skills which would help me in the future of work life. This involves communication, teamwork and leadership skills. I have used these at Salmon by giving some ideas and contributions on how we could improve the clubs for the young people and also I have even talked and interacted with some of the young people that attended the clubs like giving them some advice on how they could win in their games and giving them support.

Also, I have managed to participate in staff meetings and helped some kids during the clubs. For example, I taught some people how to play basketball and I helped belay in climbing club. Sometimes I even planned some mini games like dodge ball or cops and robbers.

In addition of my time here, I have been involved in mixed clubs, theological reflections, art, cliffhanger /climbing club, trampoline club, basketball and football club. Overall, I got the hang of things quickly and settled in really did well.

My favourite activity in club was Basketball session during 14+ club because I play basketball myself and have a lot of experience. But I liked it because it wasn’t only for fun but it makes me better as a player and improve my basketball skills. We played some practise matches  and gave some ideas for my team to win and showed determination. I also enjoyed trampoline club because I made some routines and showed some of the kids how to perform the moves.

In my two weeks here I learned more about youth work and how it supports people and gives the young people more opportunities in their life and find the problems they are facing and try to solve them.

Adam, 15

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