Community Engagement

Everyday young people attending Salmon show us their amazing gifts and talents in various activities and in personal and social skills. We work to give them the opportunities to practice sharing these with others in a way that enriches those around them.

We aim to help young people to be aware of what and who is around them, learning to accept others, help out and care for others. We boost their volunteering opportunities enabling them to develop the confidence and social skills that required to interact positively with their communities.

We want young people to be aware of their assumptions, biases and prejudices in order to build positive relationships with others and gain a sense of belonging within a community. Considering the political, social and spiritual issues that young people face today, we communicate the importance of being able to relate to one another and to influence positive change in the community and society as a whole.

We hope that as young people transition into adult life, they will find ways to ‘make their mark’ on their local communities in a positive and respectful manner.

Looking out for others
The most obvious way we do this is through our Young Leaders programme. We also work with young people during all our club sessions to develop the right attitude of looking out for the interests of other people as well as themselves and also in highlighting to young people their own gifts and talents and giving them platforms to share these with others (e.g. our Salmon Celebration events).