Mentor (Volunteer)

Mentors are people who, through their actions and work, help others to achieve their potential.

Salmon’s mentoring programme is innovative in its comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to youth mentoring.

Young people with little or no direction to their lives receive the support of a dedicated, trained positive adult who will support them through crucial transition stages of their lives.

Our mentors go through a rigorous recruitment process, which involves completing a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. We provide in-house training and resources to help with sessions, as well as support during your time as a mentor.

In return, we ask our mentors to commit to a young person for a minimum of six months, meeting them at least once a week during this period.

If you are aged 21 and over and interested in becoming a mentor, please get in touch. You don’t have to have a youth work or mentoring background, just time and patience.

Amma Appiah

Youth Worker, Participation (P/T)
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“I worked with a young girl who suffered from social anxiety and was being bullied at school. It took a while for her to trust me and open up more in sessions, but when she finally did, it gave me such a great feeling. I felt like I had accomplished something, and so did she.

When we reflected on our relationship a few months down the line, she was surprised by the fact that we had spoken about so much, given that she found it really hard to trust people. I saw this filter into her interactions with others as well. She engaged more during club sessions and even invited some friends from school to the club she was attending.

Although our relationship came to a natural close, she still pops in from time-to-time for a quick catch up.”

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