“Everyone is nice, humble and very bright” – a work experience viewpoint of Salmon!


Hi, my name’s Christian. I have been doing work experience at Salmon for the last six weeks.

During this time I experienced how the youth workers solved problems, set games up and how well they work as a team.

I helped to make sure the younger kids are happy and confident and that they enjoy themselves by having conversations with them about school or things they’re stressing about. I also played games with some boys in the sports hall, like football and basketball, for them to enjoy themselves and have someone to play with.

Being here taught me how to think smarter and how to give reasonable advice to the younger youth on how to overcome their problems or fears. Salmon inspired me to be a better person and to think wiser when it comes to bad situations.

It has also helped me overcome my confidence issues and to feel comfortable talking with everyone and getting to know people in the youth club. It’s also made me think about working in a youth club in the future.

“A place for you to discuss your feelings and problems…”

I suggest Salmon as a place for young people because I feel like it’s a place for you to discuss your feelings and problems to someone who has most likely already had an experience on what you’ve been through and they can give their ideas on how to overcome it or sort that problem out.

I also feel like it’s a place where you could release stress from school and other things, and you could also revise while being there or get extra help on your homework or coursework.

Salmon is a place where young people come first and they love to help out and encourage everyone to do better on what they like. Everyone is nice, humble and very bright. Even when you talk to people in the youth club they make you feel at home and make you laugh. The youth workers are very engaged to do what they have to do by making the youths feel very relaxed and happy.

I think it’s good that there’s a youth centre for kids because they could stay out of the streets and avoid doing bad things and focus on the positive things like helping out individuals, including strangers.

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