Developing leadership skills as an apprentice – Jade’s story


Jade, 17, has been coming to Salmon since she was five years old. Now a Youth Work Apprentice, Jade is hoping to help other young people at Salmon find their way in life. Here’s her story…

I came to Salmon as a young person because of my big sister and I stayed because the Salmon team helped me and my family in a lot of different ways.

I have now become an apprentice because I wanted to help young people the way Salmon staff has helped me.

Salmon has helped me because of the things I do on my apprenticeship, such as developing my leadership skills. I have led group games in 10-13s Girls Club, in 6-9s and in Girls Fitness.

I love young people. I’m hoping to become either a youth worker or work in a school or nursery in future.

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