Growing up at Salmon: Youth Work Apprentice Hollie shares her story…


Hollie has been coming to Salmon since she was five and a half years old. Now 18, and a Youth Work Apprentice, she shares her story here of how Salmon has shaped her life over the years…

I have always adored coming to Salmon. When I was about six years old, I used to come in to the 6-9s club and walk past Jim (who was leading 6-9s then) without paying my 50p entry fee.

Jim had to come and find me. I used to hide in the social area and he could never find me!

Jim always had a different name for me – he would call me ‘trouble’! I was always in trouble with him and the few times he did find me, I would start laughing and run away and hide some more.

I used to help Jim out at the door sometimes, collecting other young people’s money and scanning their membership cards. I always used to love that.

Growing up

When I got older, I found out about Salmon’s mentoring programme. I really wanted a mentor to see if I could change, and I did. My mentor was Mildred for about a year. I remember always having a chat with her and that helping me to be better in myself.

In 2013, I found out about Salmon’s volunteering scheme and I started helping out in 6-9s club and in Salmon’s Summer Schemes and Easter Schemes every year, as well as going on trips with the young people.

I really enjoyed volunteering, meeting new people and working with children.

The Apprenticeship

I did a Youth Work course at college and in October this year, I started my Youth Work apprenticeship at Salmon. I’m currently working with young people across all age groups, helping out in the different clubs.

My favourite club is still 6-9s, and also 10-13s girls club. I also like Mixables and Mixters, Salmon’s disability clubs, because I get to learn about the disabilities the young people have and how to work with them.

At the end of my apprenticeship, I would like to become a Club Leader at Salmon and to be an amazing youth worker. I would also like to start mentoring young people to see if I can help them in any way.

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