What I loved about April… (Henry’s blog)


The April Easter holiday season is never a dull period at Salmon, with trips, residentials and week-long activity schemes in place for young people. Here Youth Work Apprentice, Henry, reflects on the trips he loved the most...

April was a busy month at Salmon. It was the Easter holiday season and this involved taking part in outdoor activities, from the woods to the sea.

I went to a residential at Hindleap Warren with the Mixables young people in the first week. Here they took on different activities like wall climbing, abseiling and making tents so they can learn how to survive in the woods.

These activities gave the young people a chance to show their skills and encourage each other to do their best. What really surprised me was how positive and independent the young people were – even though it was a muddy environment they still had fun.

Going out to sea…

In the second week of April, I went out to sea with the rest of the apprentices for four nights on the Tall Ships adventure. We stayed on the boat and travelled to different cities by boat, going to places like Poole and Portsmouth.

The trip involved a lot of manual labour and hard work – from cooking food and making meals for everyone first thing in the morning, to pulling ropes to operate the boat, learning about knots that needed to be tied, and playing intense games of ‘go fish’ at the end of each voyage.

Even though it was tiring, I enjoyed the trip due to the team I had around me and it gave me the chance to do new things with fun people. Overall it was a good bonding experience that helped me learn more about the team and gave me the chance to see amazing views from out in sea. I was thankful for that.

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