Say Cheese! Henry learns to take photos over a six-week course


He may not be paparazzi just yet but Youth Work Apprentice, Henry, has learnt a thing or two about how to take good pictures! Here's his blog...

I’ve been at Salmon for about four months now and I’ve taken part in a variety of projects, one of which was a six-week photography course, recently.

We worked with a professional photographer which gave me the opportunity to learn how to take a picture with a professional camera and the variety of settings that can be used when taking photos, such as landscape or portrait.

Knowing this gave me the chance to use a unique perspective, or a more imaginative view, when taking pictures – from using light as a way to make things brighter and bolder, to taking pictures with the shapes of building lining up together. I learnt that the style used when taking a picture can really change the look of the photo; even the mood of the person, the model being photographed, can have a major impact.

Throughout the six weeks, we created our own photo projects. We took pictures around the Bermondsey area but with a special rule each time – for example, we had to use a specific setting for the camera, or we were only allowed to take photos of a certain part of the body. This made me focus on how I could get the best out of the photos by using my imagination.

It was an interesting project because I would never had thought of taking part in a photography course or even learning about photography. It was a good opportunity to expand my mind. I’m glad I was able to take part.

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