A positive role model: Alex’s sober ambition for his apprenticeship


From young person to Young Leader to now Youth Work Apprentice, Alex Smith-Slatton has done it all at Salmon and he shows no signs of slowing down! Here he reveals more about his drive and ambition for youth work...

I’ve been attending Salmon since I was six years old, attending all the clubs I possibly could. Salmon helped me to speak up and interact better with people, and also boosted my confidence.

When I got older, I became a Young Leader so I could help out in sessions to gain more experience working with young people.

Being a Young Leader allowed me to volunteer in 10-13s club on a Monday and make new friends with my fellow Young Leaders and other staff members. It also allowed me to complete my bronze DofE and I’m looking forward to completing my silver.

Now that I’m an apprentice, I’m also looking forward to bringing back wheelchair basketball and helping young people experience a new sport that they would not get to do elsewhere. I used to do wheelchair basketball at Salmon when I was younger; I feel that participating in such sports helps diversity between able bodied and disabled young people.

During my apprenticeship I want to achieve my Levels 2 & 3 in Youth Work qualification and gain experience working with young people and of how a youth centre is run.

I want to learn how to be a positive role model and learn how to help and guide young people on their path through their early years, as well as learn new techniques that will help with my career with young people.

Salmon is just such a good environment for young people and for people to hone their skills.

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