Salmon’s Summer Fun at Soul Survivor


Salmon's young people had the opportunity to attend Soul Survivor during the Summer holidays. Have a read of what happened on the residential and the impact it had on our members:

During the summer holidays, 19 young people attended Soul Survivor 2017. Soul Survivor hold events for young people and youth leaders across the nation to help young people learn more about the Christian faith and to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Soul Survivor was held in Peterborough, where more than 9,000 young people from across the nation attended the event.

Deputy Director Jamie Anglesea who lead the residential described the week as ‘incredible’ as some of the young people who had never experienced worship, bible teachings and ministry has the chance to experience it for the first time: “There were lots of opportunities to go to other seminars during the day and hear other teachings on living out the faith as a teenager, which lots of young people took part in.”

The young people also took part in various activities during their free time, which ranged from silent disco, cinema viewings, obstacle courses, beach party and socialising with others in attendance.

The young people enjoyed the experience and some are looking forward to attending again next year.

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