Work Experience season is upon us!


7 young people joined the team at The Salmon Youth Centre for work experience. They have had the opportunity to shadow a number of different staff members and experience a number of different roles within the organisation.

Elias and Henok tell us about their experiences....

My name is Henok, I am 15 years old and a student at St Michaels Catholic College a school very close to the Salmon Centre. I first discovered about the Salmon Youth Centre when I didn’t know what to do for work experience and my school recommended it for me. I enjoy going to youth clubs so I wanted to come here afterwards then I found out my older brother used to come here when I was very young.

I love doing sports like football and basketball so I thought a youth club would be a lot of fun to work at and help the children who come here. I have gained new knowledge and experience from being here such as how to look after others and how to interact with others that I do not know. I also found all the staff members to be very nice and enjoyable to be around and talk with throughout the day.

Some of the jobs I have been asked to complete include working at reception, being at the door to manage to money that people pay to be here and work at the music studio. I really enjoyed all these jobs as they have taught me new things such as more social skills and a view of the different perspectives of the workers in the Salmon centre from the receptionists to the teachers.

Though I am still not sure on what I want to do for a career in the future I am sure that working here is a step to help me learn what I want to do when I am older.



Hi my name is Elias, I’m 15 years old and I go Compass School Southwark. My hobbies are sports like football and basketball. I got involved in Salmon when I was 11 years old as I live close to the centre. I like Salmon as I like the activities and making new friends. I wanted to do work experience here as I know the staff well and think it’s a good start for a job.

 I started work experience at Salmon this week and some of the activities that I took part in were writing a blog for the website, covering reception which included answering phones and taking messages, teaching young people sports and music. I supported David  (the music tutor) with logic which is an editing software for music and this helped me gain confidence. I also help support the sports sessions like football which was fun.  I have had a great week with the other staff and young people.

By completing work experience at Salmon  I found out how it would feel to work in a real job. I Look forward to the future and want to work in IT  (information technology).

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