Gift a ‘2-man tent’ for Duke of Edinburgh expedition


Your gift of £105 will help purchase one 2-man tent for two young people to share in this year’s DofE expedition.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award gives young people the opportunity to develop new and existing skills, while gaining accreditation that can enhance their career and educational prospects in later life.

Every year, we take a group of Young Leaders on an outdoor expedition for several days, as part of the Award. These expeditions require lots of equipment to ensure the safety of the young people – most of which the young people are unable to afford on their own accord.

Please donate to help us provide a tent for two young people to share in their outdoor camping experience this year.

We need two ‘2-man tents’ and three ‘3-man tents’ this year.*

Thank you.

*Please increase the quantity of your basket if you would like to purchase more than one tent.

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