Salmon’s Speaking & Listening Manual

On Tuesday 12th July 2016, the Salmon Youth Centre launched it’s new manual called ‘Let’s Talk About'.

The manual is designed to help young people improve their speaking and listening skills through the medium of a radio show. It includes five different levels for the youth worker and young people to work through, including monitoring and evaluation tools.

Young people are invited to take part in a radio show, playing creative games, competing and performing improvised and set scenes. There is room for discussion and critical thinking, helping young people to develop their speaking and listening skills.

The programme includes one-to-one work between the youth worker and the young person, but as work takes place in small group it also encourages peer-to-peer communication.

Progress is measured at every level of the programme through use of digital recording, the Speaking & Listening Star and the AQA Award Scheme.

Youth workers from different organisations received the manual with great enthusiasm. Some of the reactions included:

“I hope the manual will grow and evolve, it seems like it has great potential.”

“I’m hoping to use the manual to engage new attendees as well as the harder to reach groups.”

“Well done for publishing the manual. I know other charities who have attempted the same but did not achieve.”

“We are planning to include the manual in our curriculum and ingrain it into our organisation to benefit both staff and young people.”

“I am hoping to use the manual within schools and with children within the domestic violence houses.”

“This manual is fantastic in it’s layout!”

If you are interested in a full copy of the manual, please contact us.


Download a sample of the manual