“I’m privileged to be an apprentice at Salmon” – Gabby


Gabby has been attending Salmon from the time she was a little girl in 6-9s club. Here as a 19-year-old Youth Work Apprentice at Salmon, she reflects on why the organisation is such an important part of her life...

Becoming a Youth Work Apprentice at Salmon was something I was looking forward to in my younger years as a 6-9s member.

Becoming an apprentice at Salmon means that I now have the opportunity to give back to the community I grew up in. It’s what I needed in order to transition from a young person into an adult.

My long term plan is to become a child, family, school, mental health and substance abuse social worker. Sounds like a lot of hard work that requires dedication and commitment right? And that’s where Salmon comes in.

Now let’s rewind… How did Salmon find me?

My older foster sister and brother used to attend Salmon. They always came home boasting about the amazing things that they were up to and all the great opportunities up for grabs – bike workshop, cooking, D-session, football…and it didn’t stop there.

You could say it struck jealousy in me but only because I wanted an adventure; I wanted to explore.

When I became a member of Salmon, Salmon became a member of my full-time routine.

I am now 19 and an apprentice at Salmon. How privileged I feel to be a part of such an inspiring team!

Picture (bottom right): Gabby sharing her story with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on his February 2018 visit to Salmon.

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