Salmon’s Podcast Launching!


On Monday 13th March we are releasing the first mini-series of our new podcast ‘Meet us after 4’, the title is an invitation to come and imagine you are listening in to young people’s conversations as they unwind after school at the youth centre. For a few years now we have wanted to start up a podcast so that young people’s voices and thoughts can be made more widely available, and you now have no excuse for not hearing them!

The first series, is entitled ‘So Near but So Far’ and is themed on young people’s views on the environment, all the content including artwork, music and voices are exclusively the young people’s own. 

This podcast series was made possible by a collaborative project called ‘Grounded’ which was funded by the Greener Futures Fund and involved us, Wood & Water consultancy and Ravensbourne University Creative Lab. The aim of the project was to engage young people in the debate about environmental issues by using a different approach from the usual scientifically based, euro-centric one. Instead, we focussed physical encounter with the elements of fire, water, earth and air and our local natural environment and examples of indigenous wisdom from different parts of the world. This process and the young people’s thoughts were captured through recording techniques taught to us by the Creative Lab and young people learnt skills such as using Zoom recorders and our in-house music studio. 

Please listen to the 3 episodes we have created on Spotify or Youtube see links below

we will post the link on our social media channels on Monday. And respond with your own thoughts on social media using #SoNearButSoFar . 

We have been reminded in the process of this project that young people have so many insightful thoughts and feelings as well as artistic talent that aren’t often seen by the general public. We as a society need this input, and we hope that the ‘Meet us after 4’ podcast will provide a platform for it to become easily accessible to anyone who wants to listen. The young people are excited and have lots more ideas for future episodes, so please subscribe to it and watch this space. 

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